Treating Venous Ulcers

Reducing pressure in the veins is the key to successfully treating venous leg ulcers. A compression stocking or bandage helps. A local anesthetic procedure for the varicose veins also helps. The combination of compression and a veins procedure produces faster ulcer healing than compression by itself. Antibiotics, lotions and ointments by themselves will not heal the ulcer. Reducing the pressure in the veins is vital.

The time it takes for an ulcer to heal is roughly the same as the length of time the patient had the ulcer before starting treatment. The LUCI aims to see all new patients within 4 to 6 weeks of referral. Patients with a venous ulcer are usually offered a veins procedure at their first visit, to reduce delay.

There are various things that the patient can do themselves to help. Nutrition and smoking cessation are important. Prolonged standing should be avoided.